Make sure your Pheromances/Pheromiss product is genuine

Ensure package has not been tampered with.

Ensure the security label is not damaged or torn.

Scratch the code on the label

Verify the serial number is valid.

As right code is entered, you will see :

Your Pheromances/Pheromiss product is genuine.

As wrong code is entered, you will see:

Your Pheromances/Pheromiss product may not be genuine

As the code is used more times, you will see:
The query numbers have been used more than once, be cautious of counterfeit product

* If the serial number is not valid or the package shows evidence of tampering please email [email protected], as this may not be a genuine Pheromances / Pheromiss product.




To validate, enter the serial number in the box below and click "Validate."